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hello, my name is ary. a/s/l = 12. ~anamanaguchi~ hmu up on twitter /////// hmu up on insta. © Profile Original & Official® █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║ Verified Official ⊂( ☾☽ ‿ ☾☽ )⊃

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gud sponsors

gud sponsors

lanadelpizzaqueen: How do u know it's tru love?

u def dont ever. question til u die

Anonymous: What do you like on girls? or boys?

mannerisms are everything to me

Anonymous: what happened to your style between like, 2009 and 2010? watching videos of old guchi shows and you dressed really clean cut and vanilla, but now you're rocking dyed hair and dope colors and everything, it's awesome :D

if only u had seen me as a scene kid ;)

…..i change as much as i can as often as i can, im vanilla again.

Anonymous: have you tried to remake/recreate any of the tracks that you lost when your laptop was stolen back in like 2010 or whatever?

nah, i can barely re-open a project file once i start it.

Anonymous: where can I buy the penis shirt

no clueee

Anonymous: Hello, Ary. I was Wondering when you are going to realease That Song with the Sick beat drop and Reminds me of the Winter a lil. Thanks, Ary

snowstorm-step. maybe b4 2k15

Anonymous: you're cute you got me feelin some type way

i have a stomach ache :/

Anonymous: Ary, I heard you once wrote a song about girls hiccuping. Where is that?

it’s just a file name, and it’s already out ;)

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