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hello, my name is ary. a/s/l = 12. ~anamanaguchi~ hmu up on twitter /////// hmu up on insta. © Profile Original & Official® █║▌│█│║▌║││█║▌║▌║ Verified Official ⊂( ☾☽ ‿ ☾☽ )⊃

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Anonymous: Happy birthday!

thank u!




Featured Curator: Ali // ctrl-glitch

Vince McKelvie is a 28 year old digital artist from the United States. Inspired by boredom during his youth, Vince began creating and perfecting GIF art, and has since become one of the internet’s most iconic animated artists. He has created a number of trippy and visually stimulating mini-sites, like Gradient Forest and Honey. He also regularly posts hypnotic GIFs on his blog and surreal mixed-media video clips on his Instagram.

Some of Vince’s favorite artists are Joe Hamilton, Borna Sammak, and Sean Raspet.


Casey Richardson - ‘Reflections’ Slugs, #15


Casey Richardson - ‘Reflections’ Slugs, #15

Omggg my new degen boots IM FREAKINGGG // best 🎂gift evrr 💖💖💖 @lindsaydegen

Omggg my new degen boots IM FREAKINGGG // best 🎂gift evrr 💖💖💖 @lindsaydegen

Anonymous: Describe the perf date for you

a relationship w/ someone is just one reallly reallly realllly long date.

idkk… sometime in july, night time on the beach w/ champagne and hand picked wild raspberries, shooting tracer rounds w/ my machine gun into the waves right before they break, rhubarb by aphex twin blasting in the background. we’re cuddling.

Anonymous: How you feel about nude dads/dads in general?

i feel very differently about those, but overall .. i feel good about nude dads/dads.

begglebites: Ary!!! I left my Furby, Doo-Toh, in the car for too long, and now she won't wake up……… What can I do??? 😰😩😰😫

im calling child protective services rn

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